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By the Power of Grayskull, Fools Will Fall

Spoiler Alert: Content in this blog post is from the April 1, 2015 episode of The Goldbergs

When the creation of the Momager (Mom + Manager) isn’t the highlight of the show, that’s a sign the Goldberg family hit the right notes in their special April Fools’-themed episode (did you notice Barry’s t-shirt flash changes between the Flyers and Flames?). In a half hour that featured one of those pandemonium-filled free concerts in malls across America of yesteryear by the it performer of that time and a prank war that rivaled the Cold War, suburban Philadelphia could not be prepared for what would transpire.

The picture that developed from these events will haunt our dreams forever…

From pretending to destroy the cherished shoe of a 76er great to obliterating Castle Grayskull to removing all susceptible targets of destruction from one’s room to dismantling a video camera, Adam and Barry did not participate, but were heavily invested in winning April Fools’ Day. It got serious really quickly and elevated to a level that could have broken them. But, after completely confusing 3-4 major conflicts, Barry did manage to understand the importance of the Berlin Wall falling down.

A truce was necessary. Adam’s livelihood at school was saved (you’ll see).

Meanwhile, Erica was busy obsessing over the parties she and Tiffany would inevitably host together once they were both touring pop superstars. Like every girl alive, she dreamed of singing to thousands of screaming, adoring fans. Then came the “pusher” and the “smusher” (ie- Beverly and Murray). It was Beverly’s surefire parenting trick to encourage her children to do anything, but with a contingency (the practicality of Murray) to push them back to reality. Except in this case, Murray flipped the script on his speechless wife. The result was a labyrinth of role reversals between the three that eventually led to Erica’s fiscally tight dad giving his aspirational daughter $200 to follow her dreams in recording a demo tape.

The fluorescent t-shirts are ready for sale (contact the Momager for more information).

By having two older sisters, I never experienced the glorious prank battles between brothers. My sisters and I had an insane amount of fun together with unforgettable memories and sometimes the dynamic was like I had an older brother, but there was no Big Tasty rapping his horribly specific rhymes in my childhood. Regardless, I remember idolizing a famous singer/band and going into a record store and buying their CD (that’s the physical version of a digital download, young people) or, like Adam, enjoying everything amazing by Steven Spielberg.

I had/have dreams of one day acting in a Steven Spielberg movie. Crazy, right? Well, whether it happens or not, that’s a good thing. Just like Beverly and Murray, it’s important to promote the idea that anything is attainable. Murray “The Smusher” Goldberg put it best: He told his daughter that while there are millions of other girls trying to become a famous pop star like her, she needs to remember that she is an original.

And Tiffany Renee Darwish had to work hard to take the improbable journey to become Tiffany. Everything seems crazy until it happens.

Including this:


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The Real Beverly 1, The Real Adam 0.

Everyday is April Fools’ Day with Beverly Goldberg.