Happy Monday!

Germany v. Portugal will be a true battle of titans from Group G as both have world-class talent all across the field. Each country has a legitimate chance at hoisting the World Cup Trophy in July and it will be a thrill to watch their first steps towards this potential history for the players, coaches and fans alike. After last night’s Group F match featuring Argentina v. Bosnia-Herzegovina, which saw a few flashes of Argentinian flare along with an inspiring effort from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran v. Nigeria¬†each have their work cut out for them as the battle for the #2 spot will be fierce.


Ghana has been the nation that has eliminated the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) from the past two World Cup competitions. For some almost unexplainable reason, they just seem to have the USMNT’s number. For the 2014 World Cup, much of the discussion surrounding Group G/”The Group of Death” is centered on European powers Germany and Portugal. However, from an American’s perspective, the match today versus the African country of Ghana is unequivocally important. Not only could a win serve as a mild relief dating back to 2006, but 3 points would invigorate the Stars & Stripes before their next game against the Goliath from Portugal.

Here’s a video made from the World Cup in 2010 that might get the adrenaline pumping for those wearing the red, white and blue today…

(And yes, I know who scored the goal, but it’s about the incredible energy and excitement for the USMNT!)

Segunda-feira feliz!

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