These Games Should Be Scary Good

First of all, every fan (and team) should applaud and mimic the national pride the Brazilians showed last night by walking into the stadium for the first match of the 2014 World Cup with their hands on the shoulder of the teammate in front of them and by singing their national anthems with heartfelt passion.

It was a beautiful sight.

Three games scheduled today will continue the excitement from Brazil’s 3-1 victory against the Mandžukić-less Croatian side yesterday afternoon (the final score was a bit misleading). These matches include: Mexico v. Cameroon (Noon ET), Spain v. Netherlands (3:00 p.m. ET) and Chile v. Australia (6:00 p.m. ET). Not only will these matches provide us with a good idea of the dynamics for Groups A & B, but it’s also Friday the 13th. Just something to keep in mind. You never know what may happen?

After all, who would have predicted a Brazilian own-goal to open the scoring at this year’s World Cup?

Actually, Big Head the turtle probably picked that…

What to watch for:

Can Mexico erase the mighty struggles it endured during CONCACAF qualifying and compete at the highest-level versus Cameroon? It could go wither way for El Tri. In all likelihood, Brazil will win Group A, but it will be fascinating to watch which team will secure that coveted second spot. At this point, Croatia, Mexico or Cameroon could play themselves into the Final 16 with some purposeful and creative footballing rhythm.

Chile v. Australia will prove as a good example at this World Cup of two teams that may not be highly regarded, but who have the potential to be trouble for the teams that are better known and more heavily favored (ie- Spain and the Netherlands). As Croatia showed, a few dangerous crosses by David can put Goliath in a tricky, uncomfortable spot.

Spain v. Netherlands: a rematch of the 2010 World Cup Final. What form will Spain show up in? Will the Dutch be less physical and more fluid in possession and be more attacking-centric? The World Cup should always kickoff with the host nation before its home crowd, but this match-up warrants nearly as much hype. This game could be a nil-nil tie, a 2-2 tie or a thrilling 1-nil win or even a 3-1 domination. Don’t underestimate Spain and don’t underestimate the Dutch in 2014. The tournament is in the “games” phase right now, which means that an explosive offense can make up for early, silly defensive mistakes. Maybe not necessarily for the group stage, but this match can go a long way in defining each squad regarding its style of play and ultimate potential in its equal pursuit towards World Cup glory far beyond the round of 32.

Now, back to the Friday the 13th issue. In soccer, crazy things can and will happen. Today’s superstitious date adds just a little more spice to that Moqueca de Camarão. The question is: for what teams/players will this famed curse affect?

Perhaps keep an eye out for players wearing #13…

Mexico: Diego Reyes

Cameroon: Eric Choupo Molting

Spain: Juan Mata

Netherlands: Joël Veltman

Chile: Jose Rojas

Australia: Oliver Bozanic

Maybe the Dutch should wear black kits today, since their mascot is a lion, which is a member of the cat family…


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