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Gettin’ Tricky: ’80s Style

“The Goldbergs” on ABC continues to do everything right.

Television shows and products have a tendency to, occasionally, be over-hyped (except Life Alert, that’s the real deal!). This is simply not the case with America’s new favorite family from the ’80s: The Goldbergs. This sitcom looked amazing from the promos and almost instantaneously became one of the “Must See” shows of the week. The cast is dynamite, from the two unknown actors and actress who portray the kids/siblings to the hilariously lovable and recognizable parents and eccentric grandfather.

Jeff Garlin, Wendi McLendon-Covey and George Segal all bring their comedic experience and nuances to their parental characters who continue to complement each other and the kids perfectly. The kids epitomize the three-sibling dynamic so well it’s almost frightening. But funny frightening. Having grown up with two older sisters, there are definitely some similarities.

We can all relate to our Mom worrying about us while waiting for our confirmation call informing her we had arrived at our neighbor’s house, fearing that we will somehow find ourselves lying face down in a ditch somewhere. But has that ever happened? Ever?

Moms are just a little paranoid I suppose.

The scenes from last night’s episode that showed Barry and Erica collaborating together in order to trick their über-Mom Beverly for car privileges were diabolical, genius and primed for genuine laughs at that special moment of the forgotten (yet essential) detail. The end result was a quintessential middle child moment for señor Barry.

It was muy divertido!

While Adam’s remote control ploy with Erica (and Barry later) against Murray was pretty tame, it still made for a great family bonding moment. Deception-centered yes, but great nonetheless. Could that trick be pulled off today…

Plus, the references to all things gloriously ’80s have been nothing short of pure magnificence. When nostalgic movie posters and movie clips, clothes, music, cars and attitudes are combined with the clever, fresh and funny dialogue from the creative writers and performed by the brilliant cast of talented known and unknown actors and actresses, it makes for a sincerely fantastic show.

Add in the occasional dose of heart/love and a soundtrack of awesomeness and you’ve got “The Goldbergs.”

Perhaps no other line from last night’s rad episode could encapsulate the love this family shows for one another than the following sequence: Murray, after driving around for an hour one night looking for his (moron) son because of his wife’s nagging, apocalyptic pleas to find him, drives onto a lonely road to spot none other than Barry’s red Flyer’s jacket and said son about ten feet to his right. Murray is relieved to have found his oldest son. Only temporarily though…

“You couldn’t have been sitting up in a ditch? Or reclining comfortably? No. Face down! Like she said!”

So, that can actually happen…who knew? And the point goes to Beverly.

On a note of equal importance, Beverly wants everyone to watch, “The Goldbergs” every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. on ABC!