Daily Archives: November 1, 2013

5 Kinds of Crazy

It would literally be crazy not to watch Robin Williams on prime time television.

No joke.

“The Crazy Ones” provides its crazy lead actor with a fantastic 4-person ensemble of unique, slightly less crazy supporting actors and actresses that continues to build a comedic rapport worthy of a weekly Thursday night visit at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. Not only that, but the show also (shhhh, in a whisper voice) has heart.

Last night’s installment featured the collision of two worlds that are usually not meant to interact with one another: Professional Life and Past High School Awkwardness (George Costanza would have gone berserk!). When announcing her father’s competitors for the “Creative of the Year” award in advertising, Sydney Roberts noticed a familiar name on the list: Josh Hayes. Josh Hayes. This is the name of her high school crush “that got away.”

At a cocktail party devised specifically by and for Sydney to flirt with Josh Hayes with an outfit that instantaneously reminded us male viewers why we fell in love with her during her “Buffy” days, Sydney the advertising partner was reduced to a giddy, fawning schoolgirl.

It was cute.

Despite a fairytale-like kiss and a 7-hour “Bones” marathon with David┬áBoreanaz (a nice “Buffy” shout out), the romance ended as quickly because of betrayal, deceit and a self-promoting blimp in the Chicago skyline.

After all was said and done, the five advertising dreamers sat lonely, yet reassuringly at the Aragon bar. Void of the glory of victory and the promise of a lifelong love affair, the Roberts’ looked at their beverages as being half-full. And that’s precisely when the pulse of the show really started to pick up speed.

In his relentless charm offensive, whether it’s professional, personal or both, Zach took Sydney’s hand and lured her to the dance floor with the musical help of Andrew and weather girl power of Lauren for what can only be described as odd, sweet and, well, just perfect. As her Dad assured her, the man in Sydney’s romantic snow globe is still out there, waiting to dance with her as snow flakes fall gently from the Heavens. Sydney should consider her latest setback as a bad pitch. Luckily, in advertising, there is always another pitch to be made.

Perhaps the real reason why the show is called, “The Crazy Ones” is because it’s not afraid to couple the borderline inappropriate stream of┬áconsciousness humor (though it always feels fine when Robin Williams says it, doesn’t it?) with genuine concern for the well-being of its characters. Impressively, all of this is accomplished while maintaining sharp, witty and clever dialogue.

During a time when network television is constantly pushing boundaries of what it considers suitable for audiences, it’s refreshing to immerse oneself into a story that enjoys dancing on the edge with a comedy legend and television star that recognize the necessity for the combination of humor and warm, endearing moments.

A random joke is funny, but it’s only memorable if the person or people telling the joke make us care after it’s said and done.

Kind of crazy, right?

P.S. Always remember to stay tuned for the bloopers…classic Robin Williams!