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The Century Mark!

This is my 100th written blog post!

To think, “The Value of the Dollar is Rising in the American Restaurant”   was my first post back on July 13, 2012. Where has the time gone…

It all started with attending a WordPress Camp last July at the beautiful student union at The Ohio State University. My Mom saw a tiny blurb in the bottom right hand corner of the Columbus Dispatch in its Friday edition. A validated parking pass and $40 later, the rest is history. Throughout that Saturday, I learned from the ground up about this blogging phenomenon called WordPress. I spoke with a lot of fascinating people who were fully immersed in this culture of building, maintaining and posting to user-created websites.

This has been a tremendous outlet for me to write, post and share on a daily basis on a myriad of topics. This includes food, travel, sports, technology, movies and music, to only name a few. There have even been poems (This Poem Will Be Legen-wait for it… & We’re a Little Bit Normal…& A Lot Griswold). In the section, “What Amazing Looks & Sounds Like,” I’ve put together a collection of sights and sounds that are, well, amazing!

Throughout “Jimmy’s Daily Planet,” you’ll find engaging multimedia, like pictures, music and videos, which makes the entries multidimensional and perfect for the modern reader and curious purveyor of information.

I’ve been thinking of how to properly celebrate my 100th written blog post. For a while, I wasn’t sure. This confusion ended immediately once I re-read three familiar words.

Of course!

This scene was my first realization when I was young for wanting to become a journalist, which is what I graduated from college as. What’s next? I’m going to work hard to continue to write well-written, researched, relevant and original articles with creative and fresh twists each day in the hopes of formally meeting my own Mr. White and Lois Lane.

Does that mean I also have to be Superman? If that’s the case, I suppose I could probably deal with those responsibilities in between deadlines…