This Poem Will Be Legen-wait for it…


(Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother)

My Poetic Recap for How I Met Your Mother, Season 8
(Remember to read it like it takes place in the era of carriages, quill pens & “Oliver Twist”)

There is this guy named Theodore,
who is a lover, not a fighter, at his core
In a moment of true serendipity,
he turned and saw a Robin in the bar of his city
MacLaren’s is where he congregates and tells his grand tales,
of New York’s architectural giants to his friends with no avail
An awkward meeting with the one they call Barney that prompted a ‘No & Please Go,’
was in fact when Ted first learned the ways of the Bro (True Story)
After telling Robin “I Love You” on their first date,
he soon discovered he had screwed their possible fate
Many girls have been courted by this goofy yet lovable Bro named Ted,
but the name of the mother to his two children has yet to be said
Marshall is his best friend and would never steer him wrong,
except for that one party, where he repeatedly slammed the gong
Barney dates women like it’s his job (what is his job?),
usually with an alias like Neil or Julio or Bob
When you see him and ask, “Hey Bro, what’s up?”
He will quickly respond with an enthusiastic “Suit up!”
Lily interferes, but with best intentions at heart,
in fact, it’s so impressive it’s become an art
Nevertheless, Ted will not give up hope,
to find his true love and pick out that wallpaper in taupe
In a new apartment and with everything changing,
Barney getting married has forced everyone to do some mental rearranging
Marshall and Lily are living in a place with memories throughout,
which is sure to see a few childish pouts
Victoria is the girl that holds Ted’s heart,
but this isn’t to be as they will inevitably part
In the end, who is the one Ted will marry?
One things for sure, it will be legendary!

Boom- Poeted


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