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Happy 4th of July!

237 years ago, our nation’s founders dared to declare independence from the British. We can never forget their courage, bravery and incomparable vision for the country that became The United States of America. As we all celebrate with our communities on this day filled with joyous patriotism and elation of freedom through spectacular parades and illustrious fireworks, let’s remember how and when this country was founded.

Happy 4th of July/Independence Day!!

And enjoy the fireworks tonight!


“Independence Day” Heard ‘Round the Universe

Tomorrow is July 4th. Tomorrow is the day the people of The United States of America will actively celebrate our nation’s Declaration of Independence.

Today, however, is when the American people will once again get mid-Summer chills from arguably The Greatest 4th of July Speech ever given. The time has arrived for Bill Pullman, I mean President Thomas J. Whitmore, to inspire us all about freedom and our Independence Day!

This is the Presidential speech Americans will be tuning into today and tomorrow.