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Dave Grohl Walks into a Bar in Nashville…

What do you get when you put a rock ‘n roll, punk music and drumming legend on said drums for country music’s Zac Brown Band?

Just click the video below to find out. Be prepared to have your mind blown!

Yes, this really happened last night at the Country Music Awards…Once again, this went down at the Country Music Awards!

Electric guitars and loud drums have been injected into the country music genre for some time now. Last night, however, oddly enough, the awards show felt like a bit of a country music/rock show hybrid. There was the Florida Georgia Line, Brad Paisley and the Zac Brown Band (w/ Dave Grohl) that got the fans going, just for starters. Without knowing how or why Dave Grohl and Zac Brown decided to collaborate together for one song, one night on national television, their unique guitar-drums partnership generated a pulse likely never heard before in Nashville.

“Day for the Dead” is a full-bodied sound, satisfying for any music fan. It does not sound like a normal country music song. Surprisingly, viewers and attendees were treated to this new song by not just one, but by two great musical storytellers from opposite sides of the track. The performance was random, crazy and incredible.

It was great music played by great artists with their finely-tuned instruments.

There is a genuine yearning for authentic rock ‘n roll these days. Plus, country music seems to continue to get more popular by the day. ABC is playing its part in attracting viewers with its television hit, “Nashville” (with Hayden Panettiere), but fans keep emerging from all corners of everywhere…

Diddy + Nashville = What!?

The Zac Brown Band and guest drummer Dave Grohl gave the audience in the arena and at home a sound and visual that will resonate well beyond last night’s performance. As the video clip above shows, one can never go wrong with great musical storytelling if it’s told through the pulse of some genuine rock ‘n roll.

Grohl’s Foo Fighters band mate Chris Shiflett had to be smiling with a bit of shock last night with his cowboy hat on, even if it was just for a few minutes while hanging with his fellow Dead Peasants.

It truly was a ‘day for the music.’