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RIP Earle Bruce

Former head football coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes from 1979-1987, the 87-year-old Earle Bruce, has died.

There’s so much to say about Mr. Bruce–on and off the gridiron–but at this reflective moment, there’s one memory that rises above the rest.

There are few greater honors as a Buckeye than to dot the “i” in Script Ohio in the Horseshoe back in 2016. And Mr. Bruce was provided that unforgettable opportunity.

RIP Earle Bruce. 

Tomorrow’s Forecast Up North: Gold Pants Weather

THE Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines will collide for the 114th time on the gridiron in “The Big House” in Ann Arbor tomorrow at noon on FOX for another installment of the greatest rivalry in sports.

The intensity is real, the history is storied and the legendary rivalry between two bordering Midwestern states continues with a lot at stake for both programs and states. Eternal pride and a pair of small gold pants are always on the line. And this year, there’s potentially a little something extra down the road for Ohio State if the men in scarlet & gray drive away victorious with the aforementioned gold pants for the sixth consecutive season. The Buckeyes are still (metaphorically) looking for a Hail Mary to sneak into the College Football Playoff.

More on this in a future blog post.

As usual, the rankings don’t matter in this rivalry. The #9 Buckeyes and the unranked Wolverines will compete like it’s the national championship and tomorrow’s game should add an amazing new chapter to an already amazing and evolving story. And winning those cherished gold pants against ‘That Team Up North’ defines legacies, like with quarterback J.T. Barrett seeking his school-record 4th pair as Ohio State’s starting quarterback in this rivalry.

(Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett in April 2017 receiving his gold pants for the win against ‘That Team Up North’ last season, courtesy of Eleven Warriors)

Losing this game can equally break legacies. You don’t have to remind John Cooper of that reality…

Analysis of the game will follow later. For now, here’s a subtle reminder of the greatest rivalry in sports.


Go Bucks!

Toledo’s Favorite Sons Go to Battle

“THE Game” is finally upon us.

The Ohio State Buckeyes will play That Team Up North at noon tomorrow in the chilly confines of The Horseshoe in Columbus, OH.

  • #2 Ohio State vs. #3 That Team Up North
  • Urban Meyer vs. Jim Harbaugh (both 52 years-old and both born in Toledo, OH)
  • A spot in the college football playoff
  • A (potential) spot in the Big Ten Championship Game
  • Gold Pants
  • Bragging Rights
  • Statewide Pride

All of this will be on the line when these two football powerhouses collide. And this rivalry is not only the best in college football, but it’s the greatest rivalry in sports. Why? The Toledo War.

The Toledo War was a border dispute between the State of Ohio and the Michigan Territory Territory Up North during the first several decades of the nineteenth century.
–Ohio History Central online

Poetically, Toledo, OH remains divided between Buckeyes and Wolverines loyalties. There’s a sports store that’s literally divided in half for these two fan bases. The animosity and hatred between two neighboring states and universities didn’t begin because of an athletic competition, but from a conflict rooted in something much more profound. In the case of Ohio and That State Up North, the answer is a war.

That’s unrivaled in sports.

The Game of the Century: Volume 2 is at noon tomorrow on ABC.


The Sooners Will Feel a “Boom”

Ironically, it’s The Ohio State Buckeyes defense/”The Silver Bullets” that believe Saturday’s football game can’t come soon enough.

For some context, #14 Oklahoma Sooners backup quarterback Austin Kendall recently said a few words about the Buckeyes.

“I think they really have a very basic defense,” Kendall told Sooner Sports TV. “I think we can go out there…I mean [starting quarterback] Baker [Mayfield], he’ll light them up. I’m really looking forward to it. If my number is called, I think I can do the same. I’m really looking forward to the game. It’s going to be really exciting.” 

A few players on Ohio State, specifically the defense, had a few words in response via Twitter.

“Say less”
-Sam Hubbard

“Say less”
-Jalyn Holmes

A particularly reserved ESPN College Gameday analyst (and former Ohio State QB) even tweeted a response.

“Not a smart decision during a hyped game week by a BACK UP QB!!!”
-Kirk Herbstreit

The #3 Ohio State Buckeyes visit Norman, Oklahoma for a night game against the Oklahoma Sooners this Saturday at 7:30 p.m.on FOX. The Buckeyes are 2-0. With a surprising opening week loss to the Houston Cougars (Tom Herman, remember that name), the Sooners bounced back with a 59-17 home win versus Louisiana-Monroe last week for a 1-1 record. There is tremendous pressure on both teams to perform in the bright spotlight. However, if the Sooners lose for the second time during their first three games, at home, against a potential playoff contender on national TV, Oklahoma football fans will likely foresee a lost season.

If the Buckeyes defeat the Sooners, Ohio State will solidify their spot among the best in college football just three weeks into the 2016 season. Keeping this in mind, games are played for a reason and not on paper. Ohio State vs. Oklahoma should be an exciting game with all the bells and whistles and horses named Boomer and Sooner that are tasked with pulling the Sooner Schooner onto the field. Plus, you can’t miss the Oklahoma crowd chanting, “Boomer Sooner!”

On the flip side, courtesy of Austin Kendall, Ohio State will make sure to bring their silver bullets (sans blanks) tomorrow night.

Go Buckeyes!