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Happy Monday!

“First off, I want to apologize for having eyes, ears, a brain and experiences.”

Political correctness needs an end-date. That’s literally no joke. This topic was covered a little bit last week with a portion of an interview with comedian Bill Burr. His take was terrific and funny. However, SNL-alum Colin Quinn’s micro-analysis joke on this subject may have revealed the true insanity (no hyperbole) of society’s PC losers.

Colin Quinn: An impressive collection of bland molecular cells without any distinguishable features or opinions that could culminate in the micro or macro disruption of the sensitive nature of a fellow life form.

Colin Quinn: It’s scary how accurate that material is today, but thank you for creatively pointing out how ridiculous this absurdity has become and that it needs to stop.

Have an Awesome PC-Free Week!  

Comedy’s Cultural Correctness

The next chapter against “PC” is being written and acted out.

Hopefully, more people will speak out so life will resume to being funny when things are funny.

Today, in its most recent form, PC (political correctness) has been taken to new levels of absurdness by the college generation of sensitive ears and paper-thin sensibilities. It’s ridiculous. We can’t say anything about anything or anybody. It’s that bad. Most of the time, it’s just jokes. Fortunately, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Colin Quinn, Amy Schumer and others have taken a stand recently to remind this delusional generation that we are allowed to say what’s on our mind and to do so is quite normal.

In America, there’s this notion of free speech. It’s incredibly valuable in our society, as well as in our continuous development as human beings.

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”
–Unknown (Possibly said by Thomas Jefferson)

Whether you like him or not, that’s the fundamental appeal of Donald Trump. Regardless of what he’s saying, people are attracted to his rebellious attitude against scripted, bland, focus group-approved opinions and reactions.

As comedian Bill Burr pointed out last week on Conan, we can’t even be mildly observant anymore.

If only George Carlin was alive to tackle this resurgent cultural problem.

He’d certainly have more than 7-words to say to today’s PC Police…