Vulgarity Is Killing the Radio Stars

Interesting words to consider from one of pop rock’s best singers and musicians.

Music, like any entertainment medium, can be tricky to navigate as to what pushes close to the boundary and what crosses “that line.” More often than not, it’s the un-clever way in which something is presented that desperately lacks subtlety, decency, and creativity that inspires the powerful connection via a myriad of sounds and lyrics.

I think that’s the underlying point Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers is alluding to by his line in the interview above, “we need to class it up a little bit.”

Essentially, what he’s saying is comparable to a stand-up comedian just spouting off about someone or something without a set-up and punchline that, when done effectively, makes the point in a new, entertainingly memorable fashion.

And he’s right…

on the line of what constitutes original, thoroughly entertaining music.


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