A Circle’s Past Perfection is a Modern Imperfection

“When and how should technology be utilized? How much personal information is too much information? Have we crossed the line of no return? Has the human race finally come full circle with its development, innovation and necessity for information technology?”
–“Technology Coming Full Circle?” on Jimmy’s Daily Planet from December 7, 2016

The excerpt above is from a Jimmy’s Daily Planet blog post from December 7, 2016 that was inspired by the first trailer for the movie The Circle that stars Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega. Given the ever-increasing dependency (and apparent willingness) on the part of advanced societies to insert technology into seemingly every aspect of our daily lives, the questions above are left wanting at a somewhat alarming rate and moment in time. And The Circle aims to not only cover, but actually answer these critically important inquiries with truths we may not be prepared to discover.

Adapted from the 2013 novel by Dave Eggers with the same title, the two cinematic trailers for The Circle confirm I’m not the only person who fears that innovators (and some fans/consumers) of new technological advancements have possibly never seen any films or read any books related to science-fiction or robots or the rise of machines. I’ve been saying for many years that we’ve been (as shocking as it reads) “big brothering” ourselves. Truly incredible, isn’t it?

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s even a popular CBS show called “Big Brother” that involves recording people interacting in a surveillance house. And it’s a hit show.

It must be stated that many (possibly countless when all of recorded history is concerned) technological inventions can and have greatly propelled us forward to better places. Absolutely no argument there. We need innovative technology to help us. “Help us” are the key words here. However, these select (and amazing, in some respects) advancements do not provide blanket approval for every single new innovation that presents a new camera and form of surveillance. The second trailer for The Circle, released just hours ago online, will present this modern dilemma with, hopefully, consequential introspection.

“Some people simply view a circle as full and some people simply view a circle as empty.

Time will tell for this cinematic Circle.”
–“Technology Coming Full Circle?” on Jimmy’s Daily Planet from December 7, 2016

Let’s see if the second trailer adds clarity for the cinematic destiny of The Circle.

The theatrical release date for The Circle is April 28, 2017. Until then, good luck trying to find all the cameras.

Hint: There may be too many to count…


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