Did Apple Cook Up a Winner?

“It’s the best iPhone we’ve ever made.”

The concluding line in the iPhone 7 introductory video revealed that Apple’s latest smartphone is not a new, groundbreaking invention. Instead, the iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7 Plus) are innovations from the past with impressive, eye-catching updates. Specifically, the focus of the engineers and design teams at Apple was on the improved camera of the 7 and the dual cameras on the 7 Plus. Moreover, the new iPhone 7s will be water resistant (huge plus) with an improved Retina HD screen resolution, stereo-quality speakers and the removal of the headphone jack with wireless earbuds/AirPods.

The forced Bluetooth feature may cause a toothache for Apple’s consumer base, but that’s still in the speculative “TBD” phase.

Without holding, listening, perusing or taking pictures with an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in my hands, it’s difficult to rate the flashy new tech. My first reaction is that this series of iPhones look intriguing enough to consider for an upgrade after a couple of years with the iPhone 5. Avid fans aside, the question for many consumers will likely center on upgrading to a phone that will hold the creative and futuristic appeal for a couple years or so. Plus, the dramatic change in purchasing and carrier plan options could certainly impact consumer decision-making. Having said that, the updates in the iPhone 7 models will be easy to test through snapping/tapping test pictures, listening to songs in stereo mode and (potentially) pouring water on a test phone in the store.

Salespeople: Get ready for especially playful, interactive demonstrations with curious customers.

Tim Cook has been waiting for that “wow!” moment as the face of Apple. Today did not bring about that signature revelation, but perhaps slow and steady will, in fact, win that show-stopping race for Mr. Cook at some point down the road…

And the verdict on the iPhone 7s will all but rely on the invisible space between headphones/AirPods and the iPhone, as well as the location of said AirPods when not in use.

One thing’s for certain: Apple will definitely hear about its daring wireless experiment either way with unrivaled clarity.


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