A List with a Tw.ist

From David Letterman to People Magazine’s List of the World’s Most Beautiful People, people have a loving relationship with lists.

With this phenomenon in mind, it makes perfect sense that actor and writer B.J. Novak (The Office) and buddy Dev Flaherty developed and released an app for users to read and create random lists from celebrities, non-celebrities and various organizations/businesses at the end of last year. This fun escape can be anything and everything. A couple off-the-wall lists include, “Free, funny responses you can use at Home Depot when salespeople ask ‘Are you a homeowner?'” and “Philosophers I’d Most Like to Get a Beer With.”

Both valid inquiries.

Like any technological venture, there are bugs (not those kinds of bugs) and slight improvements that need to be made from time-to-time. A couple days ago, Mr. Novak and Mr. Flaherty announced version 2.0 for their ever-growing collection of lists by and for the people, which has 150,000+ of these people making lists for you and I to enjoy at our leisure.

“Today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2106, the founders announced they’re rebranding the app with a friendlier name by simply calling it li.st. The app is also arriving now on Android, with a web launch soon to follow.”
–Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Mr. Novak and Mr. Flaherty also announced that a web version of li.st will be available to users in a couple months time. And, surprisingly, the infrastructure and resources needed to launch such a seemingly simple app concept wasn’t exactly cheap.

“The founders also disclosed they had raised $2 million in seed funding for the app last year.”
–Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

The amount of money needed to make an app on your smartphone can be astounding to learn. Very few things in this world are ever free (cough cough Bernie Sanders). To celebrate the revitalized digital application (sorry for the long-form), shall we make a list of why lists are wonderful?

Sorry Letterman, but 10 is an unoriginal, overused number for lists. Let’s go with 8 today.

The Crazy Eight Reasons Why Lists are Awesome:

  1. How else do we determine if we should continue dating someone?
  2. Going to the grocery store would be impossible…and dangerously unhealthy (oh, food with actual nutritional value, I knew I forgot something!)
  3. Naming a human life (Thor, He-Man, Clark Kent and Detlef Schrempf are just a few boy names that I’m reserving, so back off)
  4. Determining the best flavor of Mountain Dew
  5. Ranking the Friends characters (this debate gets real and fast!)
  6. What stuff is your favorite stuff, which will determine the stuff you’ll take on vacation and what stuff you’ll leave behind in your house that you bought to keep your stuff in (George Carlin, still a genius)
  7. The basis of existence for women’s and men’s magazines (6 Ways to a Six-Pack or 9 Ways She…you get it)
  8. Eight reasons why the number eight is actually number one in a list of best numbers

How about a list of your favorite blogs?

At Number One: Jimmy’s Daily Planet!

Boom. Listed (Marshall Eriksen, your legacy lives on).


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