Daily Archives: January 25, 2016

Happy Monday!

One more…song?

The 2015 Steve Jobs movie, featuring Michael Fassbender (who actually didn’t look like the title character) is the latest cinematic treatment of the Apple co-founder who changed the way we perceive and anticipate technology.

In fact, this movie is almost ready to earn a permanent spot on our movie shelf (February 16th, to be exact).

After watching the past few movies about Mr. Jobs, the preeminent film still hasn’t arrived and, quite possibly, may never arrive at a theater near you. Fully capturing this tech icon’s life and career into a script as innovative and compelling as his products has proven an allusive task.

But what about a song?

The Maccabees did not write “Grew Up at Midnight” for Steve Jobs, but composer Daniel Pemberton (2015’s Steve Jobs movie) recognized how this song with a smashing crescendo paints the scene of a grand legacy coming into focus. And it was all sparked from an imaginatively ambitious youth.

The song was a perfect fit for the film.

This song is also a perfect fit for those who recognize the value in biting into an apple at midnight.

Have an Insanely Great Week!