Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

Earth to Vogue, Madonna Isn’t Here

The number 73 is 9 in model years.

Despite a runway delay of 15 years due to the world’s paralyzing excitement from “Magnum” back in 2001, there is great interest into what Derek Zoolander and his new BFMMP (Best Friend Male Model Person) HanselĀ have been up to. Thankfully, Zoolander No.2 arrives in theaters on February 12th.

Hopefully, no eugoogly’s have been written.

To whet our appetite for the next few weeks, an exclusive interview was uploaded today. Vogue managed to get invited into Derek’s stylish loft and subsequently climb inside Derek’s brain to shine a light from ear-to-ear for the whole world to see. Surprisingly, this interview was arranged without the bribe of an orange mocha frappuccino.

I wonder if Derek Zoolander’s kid can read good…and do other stuff good too?

Find out February 12th!