America’s Monumental Vote


(George Washington,

How did we start with George Washington and get to the absurdity of 2016?

A question and answer for another day…

Today’s Throwback Thursday will be cheered by Americans.

(Brits who loved their 18th century monarchy, not so much)

“On this day in 1789, America’s first presidential election is held. Voters cast ballots to choose state electors…George Washington won the election and was sworn into office on April 30, 1789.”
–“First U.S. presidential election,”

George Washington led this nation as its first president without any predecessor to seek guidance from. The pressure he must have endured is almost unthinkable. He had to be a great, unifying leader with a strong vision because the very future (and beginning) of America was at stake.

227 years later and America would do well to vote like it’s 1789.


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