A Sky Full of Super Stars

It’s time to take a break from “Throwback Thursday” and engage in a “Throwforward Thursday.”

The day before the highly-anticipated release of their new album “A Head Full of Dreams,” Coldplay was treated to quite the opening act:

Super Bowl 50 will feature Coldplay as its halftime musical performer, offering fans an entertaining break from football…and commercials.

However, the Halftime Show is an awkward setting for any band. The excitement of the people on the field has to be almost manufactured through network choreography to ensure a great show (and visual cutaways) for the millions of television watchers (and advertisers). This doesn’t always allow for genuine reactions to the set or band in the purest sense.

With that being said, make no mistake about it, Coldplay can rock a stadium with the best of them.

Don’t believe me?

Turning the clocks forward, Super Bowl 50’s viewers will experience life in technicolor.


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