2015 Will Always Be The Future

(Tech Crunch)

(Tech Crunch)

(Tech Crunch)

(Tech Crunch)

The company teased new details about the hoverboard last week, like better battery life, USB connectivity, stronger hover engines, and a safety kill switch…The new, skateboarder-friendly design is thanks to none other than Tony Hawk, who apparently had some “frank input” on the hoverboard’s design after riding the first version last year.
–Sean O’Kane, The Verge

Arx Pax and Lexus each designed and manufactured their 1st generation hoverboards this year. Yesterday/Back to the Future Day, the former debuted its second generation hoverboard with help from its skating consultant Tony Hawk. This dream isn’t going away and that’s a reassuring revelation for the future of mankind. After watching a short .gif  video of Hawk riding the new prototype, the steering looks improved. However, the desired free-range motion without the use of magnets is going to require the mind of a real-life Doc Brown. Plus, the design is not as sleek and cool as we want, but we are still one step closer to the bright future we all envision for ourselves.

Earning a front page story on USA Today is still the goal.

Now, Back to the Future Day’s main event:

“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”
–Marty McFly

Nike just did it!

How do we get a pair of the Power-Lace Nike Air Mags? So far, Nike has revealed there will be a limited-release in the Spring of 2016 and it will replicate the auction format from 2011 in which all the proceeds will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Hopefully, these shoes from 2015’s future (literally!) will help extinguish Parkinson’s Disease in the post-2015 future.

Michael/Marty: The shoes are amazingly cool, but a world without Parkinson’s Disease is the future we want first and foremost.


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