Ohio Against the World

Jesse Owens ran in a lane nobody thought was possible.

Rarely are sports simply about the competition alone. The undercurrents run much deeper and the motivation for an athlete can reveal their character. In the case of Jesse Owens, a once-in-a-lifetime runner and jumper, his finish line was different and more profound than everybody else on the track. The risk-reward for Owens was so great it extended beyond Ohio’s borders and got the attention of Nazi Germany and Hitler himself at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll never look at track and field or Owens the same way again after watching this brand new trailer for Race.

While it feels like a marathon to get the story of Jesse Owens told on the silver screen, his life on-and-off the track will win over our hearts and minds in a matter of seconds.

10.3 to be exact.


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