Flying’s Hidden Future?

Cue Frank Sinatra’s, “Come Fly With Me.”

As American airports struggle to keep up with the modern and innovative designs of its architectural counterparts in foreign nations from all around the world, it appears as if the golden era of flying from the days of Pan Am and sophistication at 35,000 feet could be the creative source for a 21st century return to luxury in the skies.

Well, at least for the space where we wait to get on the plane.

It’s time to experience a hidden, closed-off terminal of JFK Airport in New York City.

(Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

(Photo by Max Touhey)

The seats are spacious and the layout is visually appealing. The lines (interior and exterior) are cool with nice dimension and the vibe is simplistically calming. More splashes of sharp colors should be added, along with more backs to seats and the area should be gadget-friendly with the latest technological features, but the basic framework is there. Even in its current form, it’s a welcomed call back to the moment in American history when flying wasn’t inherently stressful or a tornado of chaos, rudeness and sloppiness. Just the sight of this environment inspires class and a promise of a great journey and exciting escape.

Unfortunately, this gem from the past is set to be re-purposed into a fancy hotel. That’s not surprising. But going to a terminal in an airport like the one shown above in a happy mood and not trying to merely complete the taxing task of going from Point A to Point B (with layovers in Point C and D) would be rejuvenating.

It would be a smooth, worldly ride, if you will.

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