In This World, There’s One Park

One name: Steven Spielberg.

And just like that, I have your attention.

As June 12th creeps closer, and as every man shaves his beard with help from the Limited Edition Jurassic World-themed Barbasol shaving cream cans (yes sir!), the pure adrenaline for the follow-up to Jurassic Park that every fan has been waiting for builds to, well, a Tyrannosaurus Indominus sized-level. There are multiple trailers, TV spots and increased product cross-promotions. Awesome! Although, to maintain the highest sense of surprise coupled with an impossible intrigue to know more about this summer blockbuster to be, I have been careful to only watch the minimum (but still satisfying) amount of press for Jurassic World.

Fortunately, this behind-the-scenes photo shoot recently released doesn’t reveal any plot points…except it’s value is significant for the fact that it’s the first public appearance by the legendary director of Jurassic Park (Steven Spielberg) and the young man given the reins by Spielberg to create Jurassic World (Colin Trevorrow, 38).

The pressure on the latter is nearly unfathomable, considering this is not a traditional sequel, but a revival tied directly to the original 1993 dinosaur epic. Fans (including myself) are impossibly protective of the original. And unlike the past two sequels, Jurassic World is making sure to highlight that Spielberg served as the lead executive producer. After all these years, he’s boldly returning to this mega franchise that he and his team built with cinematic genius from the brilliant words of the late Michael Crichton.

It’s an amazing thrill to see you back in the Jurassic Park director’s chair for any reason, Mr. Spielberg!

The stakes are high and this movie should spare no expense.


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