The Season’s Over

Some devils went up to Indianapolis (in the Indiana) and were able to stage a late game flurry of offense to neutralize Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky and his fellow Badgers to win the men’s college basketball national championship last night. As a basketball fan, it was an exciting game. As a fan of the Tar Heels who lives in Columbus, Ohio with family from Wisconsin, it was excruciating watching Coach K jump up and down in pure exuberance after the clock ticked down to all zeros. Wisconsin and the Big Ten were so close, but the summit was just too steep to reach.

Baskets are only worth so many points in the final 30 seconds.

Yesterday was fascinating, though. Aside from the grand finale of March Madness, it was also Opening Day for baseball. Quite the transition from one indoor sport with a time limit to an outdoor sport with no time limit. From a sport with nail-biting plays to a sport with no shortage of yawns, sports made one of its transitions on Monday. The occasional experience of a baseball game is fun. I have a few great memories of being at a baseball game in a new park every several years. There is an entertaining dynamic. But like hot dogs and beer, a steady diet is not recommended.

Regardless, in ballparks across the country, hot dogs and beer were purchased, jerseys were taken off the hanger in the closest and America’s pastime (some may say literally…) began its 162-game marathon of strikeouts, home runs and, well, what the New York Mets do:

That’s funny every year.


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