The Pulsating Soundtrack of Silence

Even silence needs to make some noise every once in a while and this notion is especially true when intensity and desperation spins and races into the unknown.

Interstellar is the Christopher Nolan space epic that was hyped throughout the past year on this blog. After experiencing it twice in IMAX whilst sitting in the best seats (3/4 up, dead center), this genuinely grand journey received a lovingly amazing review on Jimmy’s Daily Planet. Beyond the original and emotionally rich (and complex) storyline and aside from the stunning visuals (sans green screens!), Interstellar proved to be part space opera thanks to Nolan’s long-time and reliable musical collaborator Hans Zimmer.

It’s a fact that sound cannot be heard in space (not counting spaceships and helmets where oxygen is present). This truth was wonderfully utilized by Nolan and Co. (no spoilers), but that does not prevent a pulsating soundtrack from existing. As a matter of fact, the movie’s soundtrack proved to be a scene-stealing character of its own both on Earth and in far off galaxies. The entire soundtrack is phenomenal, but there is one song that does not reveal anything about the film while encapsulating the tone of the entire film.

Hans Zimmer said that Christopher Nolan gave him a watch at the end of making this gigantic adventure. There was an inscription: “This is no time for caution.”

Ladies and gentleman, Hans Zimmer didn’t reveal what the inception of his Interstellar sound was, but the song below is titled, “No Time for Caution.”

The movie poster tag line for Alien is, “In space no one can hear you scream.” True, but the audience can definitely hear Hans Zimmer’s emotionally pulsating space operatic masterpiece. Interstellar was not cautious by any means, particularly regarding its overwhelming soundtrack.

Ironically, it will leave you a bit breathless…or even silent, if you will.


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