Happy Monday!

This is Jimmy’s Daily Planet’s 500th Blog Post!

It’s truly surreal to try to fathom this milestone. I cannot even imagine what the future holds or what #1,000 might be about or look like, let alone #501.

Pardon me, I need just a quick minute…

Before watching Interstellar for the second time yesterday (I highly recommend this movie!), a cornucopia of trailers blazed across the perfectly expansive IMAX screen, as well as our our five senses, to ensure at least one return visit to the cinema within the next several months. Yes, several months, including May 2015. Excluding the film about this group of avengers, one of the films that caught everyone’s attention was, Chappie, which tells the evolutionary story of how a robot seemingly built with scrap parts begins to (supposedly) feel emotions like humans.

Luckily, there are no frightening scenarios or consequences of machines with highly-advanced technology and a pulse entering society, right?

The presumed moral of the story and predictive nature of our future aside, the music used in the trailer sounds like something out of the future…and, fortunately, it sounds quite nice.

Build Yourself a Great Week!


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