Dawn of a Soundtrack

“Zimmer will only be scoring the Superman parts of the film, according to an interview he gave to Comic Book Resources, while Junkie XL is going to handle the Batman side of things, also scoring the movie. The idea of having two composer working against each other and together over the course of the film feeds directly into the nature of the film.”

–Drew McWeeny, Yahoo’s HitFix

Zack Snyder is proving to be a thoughtful and creative director of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, expected to be released in a year and a half in the middle of 2016.

Snyder is thoughtful because while he is again working with famed composer Hans Zimmer in a follow-up to Man of Steel (which Hans composed and Snyder directed), Snyder is respecting the mesmerizing and unforgettably epic soundtrack Hans created for Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy. This yet-to-be-release movie will feature a new Batman with a new creative team (except for David S. Goyer). It would have been easy (and quite frankly) expected for Snyder to reenlist Zimmer to scribe a new Batman theme. But, out of respect to the stand-alone trilogy and to Zimmer himself, Snyder has excitedly asked him to expand the already praised modern soundtrack to the current Superman: Henry Cavill.

Dawn of Justice will star a new Batman in a new story. And Superman’s story is just beginning, with the origin chapter now complete. So, well done Snyder, well done.

Snyder is creative because he is challenging and, in effect, daring a musical maestro, which has the thrilling potential to result in something quite magical. The process will likely be partly uncomfortable, and yet exciting for both composers. The battle royale of all battle royales in superhero culture will not only have an epic stage, but it will have an epic, multilayer musical journey. This arrangement of competing composers appears to be unprecedented, therefore its creativity reading is rightly off the Richter scale.

Still more than a year off into the horizon, it’s reassuring to read that the director of an upcoming cinematic adventure for the ages starring the two most storied superheros in history understands the gravitas of these characters and seems to be rising to the immense expectations of its dedicated and anxious fans.

That’s music to everyone’s ears.


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