Just Need One Winning Ticket in the Lottery

Today has the potential to be game-changing, literally six years in the making.

These are the moments we work for during the workweek grind and on those beautiful Saturday mornings, afternoons and nights when everyone else is out having fun. Interestingly, for the past several years, the goal has remained the same. However, the chances of it coming to fruition has been a relentlessly nervi circumstance (thank you Ian Darke). Just like other valuable things in my life, I don’t want to make the mistake of getting too ahead of myself (it’s happened before with not so happy results).

But what if it really happens this time?

In that case, the celebration will paint the night sky like the 4th of July while I write the final words of a chapter never intended to extend beyond a brief rest between major chapters in my life. If all goes well (especially if the good news is told today), then I will feel like I just won a million dollars.

Speaking of which, that reminds me of a song by a band that sings the theme song to a sitcom in which the actors are currently requesting a million dollars per episode.

In the real and imagined world of having a million dollars, what would I do…?

Let’s revisit what the Barenaked Ladies think about this proposition:

The best thing is that “a million dollars” doesn’t literally have to be a million dollars.

It’s just that feeling of winning something so awesome that things start to fall into place with joyous, relieved precision.

What does a million dollars mean to you?


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