The Lion Roars No More

I really wish I had been wrong in my World Cup Final prediction…

Back on June 12th, I wrote a post titled Mês de Ouro do Futebol! Within this article, there were lists of players and teams to watch for the 2014 World Cup, as well as a prediction of the World Cup Final. If you recall, I chose Germany and Argentina to play for the championship. It was a purely pragmatic choice, despite my love for the United States of America and the Dutch. As a long time fan of the Netherlands, there were many question marks for them entering this tournament. Put simply, they could only exceed expectations.

Last night, the Dutch lost to Argentina in a penalty shootout. Penalty maestro Krul was unable to be subbed in late and after Dutch defender Vlaar’s penalty was blocked to open the shootout, a paralyzing shock set in for those cheering for the Netherlands. While technically it was just the first shot, the momentum shifted like a tidal wave and it proved to be unrecoverable for the Oranje.

It was over.

A golden generation of Dutch superstars may never hoist soccer’s biggest trophy.

In a single word: devastating.

However, attempting to put this game aside for a slightly happier note today, Jimmy’s Daily Planet would like to offer a throwback this Thursday to a late night contest that happened a while back.


Escaping in 8-minute intervals may be what it takes for Dutch fans today.


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