Going Back to a Time When the Beer Flowed Like Wine

While the first two days of this week have been geared towards the kickoff of the 2014 World Cup (pardon the pun, but it totally works) this Thursday afternoon, today’s post will take a slight detour. Before predictions are made for both teams and players in Brazil tomorrow, Jimmy’s Daily Planet has to show a specific video for a specific sequel starring spectacularly dumb best friends. 20 years have past, yet it feels like just yesterday when blue and orange tuxedos with hats and canes were a fashion staple, a cardigan could be easily mistaken for a pullover and the “IOU” was viewed as an equivalent to cash (“Look, see this, that’s a car: 275 thou-, might want to hang onto that one”).

In this blogger’s view, Dumb and Dumber is the funniest movie ever made. Along with the superb writing that interwove a genuine emotional connection for these two clueless best buds, the casting of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne resonated far beyond a regular buddy comedy. These two were brilliant together, both comically and as each others’ reliably unreliable lifeline.

What have the Farrelly brothers set-up for Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne 20 years later as middle-aged men?

Like a good burger with just a little extra kick, here’s a taste of some of their modern day shenanigans:

Watching the new trailer is somewhat reminiscent of discovering mind-blowing news for the very first time…

“No way…that’s great. We landed on the Moon!”

It’s kind of like that.

Dumb and Dumber To hits theaters this November!

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