The Goldbergs are an Amazesome Family

Spoiler Alert: This is a recap of the episode of “The Goldbergs” from March 11, 2014.

Playing a sport you don’t enjoy (& are not good at) is a tough gig, even without the added pressure of a parent who is obsessed with said sport. In the case of Adam Goldberg, hockey was not just slippery. But, for him, it also came with a slope of disaster. His dad Murray was an avid hockey fan, in which he had a strong bond with his surprisingly hockey-athletic son Barry.

Yes, turns out Barry is a maestro at something. But rest assured, the over confident and ridiculous advice is the exact same. The Universe is still aligned the way it should be with plenty of laughs.

In a moment of sure glory for Adam during a big game, he found the puck at his stick with the final seconds ticking away on the scoreboard in a 1-1 tie near the goal. Realizing this was “his shot” to be a great hockey player and to impress his dad in the stands, Adam swung as hard as he could and scored the game winning goal…for the other team.

Sadly (but humorously), Adam realized this devastating news after a post goal dance that mimicked that of his older brother.

It was “Bad News Bears,” ’80s style.

Something had to be done to repair Adam’s confidence. Luckily for him, Barry is always popping out from around the corner to offer typical big brother solace with equal parts absurdity and folly.

Speaking of absurdity and folly, Erica was preparing for the SATs and Beverly was keen on helping her daughter in fulfilling her lifelong dream. And by “her,” this is of course was in reference to Beverly. Erica had scored well enough on a practice exam to get into Penn, but she discovered just 20 or so points higher translated to likely acceptance to Stanford. Unfortunately for Beverly, this was not the Philadelphia branch. It was, in fact, across the country in California. 20,000 miles, according to Beverly.

Advanced tutoring sessions were about to take place by Beverly for Erica, but in ways that were really unbelievable…literally.

In a genuine effort to prove to his dad that he could play hockey, Adam sought the guidance of Barry (first mistake, but we’ll continue on). Fittingly, Barry told young Adam to forget about “playing hockey” and to instead dedicate his time and effort to becoming an enforcer: one who protects the star players with unbound aggression and dirty tricks.

However, not even Run-D.M.C. would have approved of Barry’s suggested ‘tricky tricks.’

This led to a fascinating discourse between brothers on the point that since Barry was teaching Adam the ancient art of a goon, that that meant Adam was training to become a goonie

It actually makes perfect sense. Think about it…

After an excessive lesson on throwing gloves on the ground, Adam was ready for his debut. And boy, did he ever score with his new-found role.

As Erica’s practice scores continued to rise, Beverly got desperate. This included unapologetic proclamations of visiting her every weekend regardless of her daughter’s collegiate destination. Palo Alto or even the Moon would never keep Beverly Goldberg away. So, to keep Erica’s scores strictly in the “Penn zone,” Beverly literally made up vocabulary words for Erica to memorize.

It was a flimjammed situation.

Erica quickly caught on to her mom’s trick. Throughout the episode, they had frank discussions of how the love between a mother-daughter works. They engaged in multiple exchanges with lots of passionate/angry/loving energy.

“You’d better come over here and hug your momma before I punch you in the face!”

“I hate that you love me so much!”

Returning back to Adam, Barry may have forgotten to inform his younger brother (now a goonie…) that an enforcer does not start something with an opposing player at the first face off to start the game. As punishment for this violation of “goon protocol,” Adam’s target dragged him across the ice and literally scored a goal with Adam himself.

Hockey was not going to work. Instead, with the (again) surprisingly helpful wisdom of Barry, Murray realized he needed to reach Adam on his son’s level: space and home movies. After a failed first take, Murray discovered a giant container of ketchup and a package of white t-shirts would connect him with his son in ways he never would have imagined possible.

This led to one of those quintessential Hallmark card father-son moments: a home movie featuring an alien creature piercing the chest of a father lying on the kitchen table with lots of blood and science fiction chaos.

With Big Country’s classic, “In a Big Country” playing in the background, Beverly and Murray learned that their capacity to support their children’s opposing fascinations could stretch as far as the United States from coast to coast…all 20,000 miles of it.

One thing that doesn’t need to be made up is the fact that The Goldbergs is amazingly awesome…or, as Beverly would say, amazesome.


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