Giving Picture-Taking Advice to Steven Spielberg

This Sunday night, Ellen DeGeneres will host the 86th Academy Awards from Hollywood with approximately (give or take a few people) a billion people (with a “b”) watching from all around the world. With this being her second time hosting this prestigious event, Ellen is well-versed in what the tone should be, as well as the critical opportunities to grab and (hopefully) maintain the attention of nearly a billion people throughout the exhausting, time-consuming ceremony.

Speaking of exhausting and time-consuming…

A speech is a speech is a speech.

If viewers are lucky, one of their favorite actors, actresses, writers and/or directors will win the life-altering award and provide a refreshingly clever, entertaining and memorable acceptance speech (think Sandra Bullock and Adrien Brody, as just two examples).

Plus, perhaps Ellen will provide the viewers with a random minute or two of something refreshingly clever, entertaining and surprisingly memorable…

Ellen to Steven Spielberg taking a picture: “Make sure we’re both in Steven” & “Make it more even on both sides.”

Only at The Oscars!

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