Daily Archives: October 2, 2013

Back to the ’80s

Only two episodes in and “The Goldbergs” has already inspired me to search my local mall for a highlighter yellow (or orange) jacket that glows in the daytime.


Based in the 1980s, the story of “The Goldbergs” is told by the youngest child Adam “Wonder Years” style. Equipped with a shoulder rock (known then as a video recorder), Adam chronicles some of the funniest and strangest moments his family has to offer. The VHS quality recordings range from the mundane no-pants Father to the bizarrely hilarious Big Tasty: recognize!

Impressively, this sitcom successfully transports the viewer to the house and neighborhood straight out of the era when hover-boards on the silver screen and A-ha’s “Take on Me” ruled the day.

Oh, and as mentioned above, the clothes are very boss as well. Acid wash jeans? Yes, please!

And I think all sons can relate to shopping with our Mom at one point and hearing them infamously shout throughout the store about getting a pair of pants that better fit the, well, you know the region if you’re a guy.


Beyond the great stereotypical roles of the rebellious, Daddy-wrapped-around-her-little-finger teenage daughter (Erica) to the stuck between a rock and a roller rink middle child (Barry) to the ready-to-see-the-world youngest son (Adam), The Goldbergs provide fun, eccentricity and just the right amount of heart for a totally awesome and strangely relatable family.

The Grandfather (Albert) humorously refuses to grow up (a Burt Reynolds twin anybody?), the Father (Murray) has a “Red Forman” dynamic upgraded for the ’80s by means of a floppy disk and the Mother (Beverly) is quite simply spectacular as she perfectly blends adorably embarrassing moments (trains are plenty dangerous!) with the amazingly lovable defense of her kid’s best interests. Who else could intimidate a store clerk to open a store after hours and convince the same clerk to honor a coupon that’s been expired for more than a year? Only a Mom on a mission.

Aside from the killer soundtrack at the end of each show, one of the best parts is when nostalgic home movie clips are shown of the real Goldbergs for whom the characters are based.

It’s surreal how familiar all those home movies look…

“The Goldbergs” will rap their way into your living room Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

This show not only shows off some tasty fashion, but is also looking like it might become pretty big.