Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

The Awesome Power of “The Remote”

Last night, another episode of “The Goldbergs” again solidified the fact that there is at least one reason to look forward to Tuesday night entertainment (9:00 p.m. EST). One of the plot lines focused on Beverly (the Mom) desperately wanting “snuggies” from her children, especially her youngest, Adam, because she knows he is her last chance at that kind of special Mother-Son/Daughter love.

Just like Barry’s dream of becoming the next Dr. J, time is running out…and fast!


In an attempt to punish Adam for betraying her parental warning not to see “Poltergeist,” Beverly secretly scares Adam in exchange for daily “snuggies” from the terrified little rebel. One of her schemes included taking the remote control outside and messing with the television that Adam was watching in the family room one afternoon in a sudden state of total fright.

Well played, Beverly…well played.

This reminded me of a beloved commercial from not too long ago. It underscores why the remote (in whatever form) is such a treasured and valuable entity in our society for both men and women.

The remote: a parent’s secret weapon.