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The Great (Protected) Fall of China

And you thought only Superman could see through things?

Vertigo sufferers may not need apply for directions to the longest and highest glass bridge in the world. Eye-popping views are not uncommon with bridges of all shapes and sizes, but China has clearly raised the thrill-factor to a new level. And, impressively, this ground-breaking sight was constructed for the everyday visitor. That means experience climbing Mt. Everest is not a prerequisite, which was a courteous touch on the part of Haim Dotan. The Israeli architect has certainly made his impression in far away China.

The six-meter wide bridge stretches 430 meters over a 300-meter-deep valley between two cliffs in the beautiful Zhangjiajie Park, said to have inspired the scenery for the sci-fi movie “Avatar.”

CNN also reported that a bungee jump will be set-up at the bridge. YouTube videos will follow shortly…

Mr. Dotan’s imaginative creation will also be conducive to the artistic, fashion-forward and, quite frankly, the brave: Fashion runway shows.

Safety inspections may be slightly more frequent than other, more pedestrian bridges. However, seeing and speaking with safety professionals and engineers might be nice, even if to just put visitors at ease.

That would be the transparent approach.


Art’s Infinite Heights

What on earth is this?


This fantastic, swirling mess titled, “The Vertigo of Eros” by Roberto Matta caught my eye today at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). There were many pieces that caused a pause in my step on this rainy afternoon, but this painting certainly had that “it” factor. There was a next-level dimension to it, which is a common characteristic of great art.

But what does it mean?

The verdict is ambiguous, to say the least. Two different people could offer two different reactions. There’s no clear picture of what’s happening in the painting, especially to the casual passerby.

And yet, this work of art is showing us something vaguely recognizable, something to connect with.

While my final conclusion will require a little more time, there are definitely elements of excitement, a labyrinth of creativity and insight and an epic journey that awaits, just waiting to be explored.

With an important job interview tomorrow, experiencing masterpieces and new artistic visions in-person was definitely worth the price of admission.

Including the vertigo.