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A Golden Cup for the World

Sam Neill is the man.

First, it was his unforgettable portrayal of Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. Then, he was the dad in the emotionally futuristic movie, Bicentennial Man. Now, Mr. Neill has taken it to yet another level of awesomeness:

The beautiful game.

United Passions tells the before untold story of bringing the world the most golden of all cups (technically, it’s a golden statue now, but whatever).

While FIFA (Sepp Blatter in particular) is currently facing very serious accusations today, there is no doubt that the creation of the World Cup was a shining sports moment of the 20th century.

On a related note, Sam Neill for FIFA President on May 29th of 2015, anyone?

Hey, if he can escape an island of attacking dinosaurs (twice), he can probably handle some soccer executives, including the French…just as long as nobody pops that bottle of champagne he’s saving in the fridge.

United Passions arrives in theaters and iTunes on June 5, 2015.