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Happy Monday!

Laughter is the best medicine…unless you have the world’s worst dentist.

However, if you’re at an improv comedy show, you actually want to hear about the “world’s worst dentist.” Plus, you want to see a driver pick-up the strangest hitchhikers and witness an interrogation for the most random murder you never thought was possible.

This is exactly what happened (and so much more) at the Improv Workshop Graduation at the Columbus Funny Bone club, which included yours truly within a very talented, hilarious group of improvisers. And everybody showed up yesterday under the bright lights and gave the audience entertaining performances with lots of laughs.

As I work on posting the video footage from this improvisational showcase (thanks Mom for recording!), let’s take a look at two improvising favorites. This is, according to the video, the first time Whose Line Is It Anyway? comedic giant Ryan Stiles did a skit with his hair-impaired friend Colin Mochrie. They do shake hands as if meeting for the first time.

In improv, you want to add a new twist that takes a common activity or profession to the next level. Evidenced by the clip below, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie have been doing exactly that from the very beginning.

Big thanks again to my parents for coming to the show and a standing ovation for my incredible classmates and our great improv teacher, Jeff Gage.

Whose Line Is It This Wednesday?

Ryan Stiles, you know what to do:

“Laughter is much more important than applause. Applause is almost a duty. Laughter is a reward”
–Carol Channing

True, but laughter with applause is the best.