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Throwback Thursday’s Tunnel Trip

Today, this blog will throw it all the way back to this past Tuesday’s news about a key departure from Blink-182 (He Said, They Said). Even though there is a replacement for Tom DeLonge in the short-term, the future of this famed band is still unknown. Ultimately, it seems like a primary battle for its future will rest in the hands of lawyers. Who will gain the rights to their songs? Who will have the right to play them?

As this inevitable mess gets sorted out behind-the-scenes, one truth from this still cloudy “break-up” is that the music world has benefited from Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves. In an ideal world, both bands would co-exist in perfect creative harmony. Obviously, that’s been impossible throughout Angels and Airwaves’ path to its recently released fifth album with sporadic Blink-182 records and concerts in-between. And despite Tom’s reported pattern of passive aggressive withdrawal from Mark and Travis over the years, fans cannot help but enjoy that “other band’s” final product. The debut of their music video for “Tunnels” (from “The Dream Walker” album) seen below just so happened to debut yesterday, in the midst of the bands’ drama.

AVA (Angels and Airwaves) has always been original, futuristic, moving and wonderfully cinematic in its vocal and visual storytelling. And interestingly, the first stanza of “Tunnels” reads as follows:

I am still without devotion
Because we’re all asleep at the wheel
Asleep and so surrounded by what we feel
A bad dream… 

While many of their other songs are aspirational and love-centric, the timing of a long-held feud going public and this particular music video release is fascinating to say the least. It should not be immediately presumed that this was planned, but this occurrence should also not be ignored in its potential reference to feelings (specific or vague) towards an ongoing struggle that was splashed across music’s front page this week.

(UPDATE: Read that Tom wrote this song about his father passing away). Still, the above stanza seems relevant for what’s going on with him right now…

Will Mark, Travis and Tom see the big picture going forward?

In any event, Tom seems pretty content with his vision for the future…his tunnel vision to be more precise.