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Seeing the World Like Kids

OneRepublic has given fans a view unlike any other.

“Kids,” the latest single of off OneRepublic’s newly released album “Oh My My” is fantastically addictive. The lyrics and the beat alone are enough to capture the imagination of the listener. And yet, the band from Denver, Colorado has, quite possibly, elevated the musical game to a height a mile high with this hit. The band released two seemingly identical musical videos for “Kids,” with the difference summarized in one word:


The following version of “Kids” is three-wait for it-D! Yes, the music video is in 3-D with 360-degree flexibility for the viewer. It was filmed using the stat-of-the-art Nokia OZO Camera. Personalized storytelling/virtual reality, as evidenced by the OZO Camera, has the incredible potential to adapt the “choose your own ending” books to multi-media platforms for all genre’s of music, movies and TV. Not to mention our own recordings on our smartphones. The stage, whatever that is, reveals itself to be virtually everything within sight.

(While the video will slowly move along without you doing anything, please click you mouse on the directional icon in the top left corner of the music video or click on the video, hold and drag in the direction you want and enjoy the view from every angle!).

Didn’t you feel like a kid again, exploring around every corner?

Oh my my, that’s cool.


Back When Romeo & Juliet Were Kids

Is there such a thing as an end of summer song?

Music man Ryan Tedder is back with another hit single, this time with his band OneRepublic. The group from Colorado Springs, Colorado filmed and produced a music video that is set in what appears to be Mexico City’s best impression of Verona, Italy. The romantic thrill of Romeo & Juliet is an interesting choice for the song “Kids.” On the one hand, this storytelling choice fits and on the other hand, the decision to highlight young love seems a bit off for the lyrics.

And yet, the brand new music video and song are great in equal measure.

What do you think of the music video?

What I know is that I want to visit that movie-like alleyway for a late night dinner with a special girl, followed by a rocking concert.

Well played, OneRepublic, well played.