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The Master Thespian is Standing Up

Live from Columbus, Ohio, it’s Jon Lovitz!

The aforementioned SNL great Jon Lovitz will be performing stand-up comedy tonight at the Columbus Funny Bone. Thankfully, I will be in attendance with my dad to witness this comedic master perform his craft. Possessing the same quality as Bill Murray, meaning that just seeing him evokes laughter in anticipation of what he might say and has said in the past, watching “The Pathological Liar” and “The Master Thespian” on stage in a small comedy club will be a great thrill.

Especially having performed Improv comedy on the very same stage just a couple months ago!

Jon Lovitz is part of the old school SNL that’s rooted in cleverness, pinpointed punchlines and outrageously hilarious innuendo. The professional funnyman, somehow, sparks those uncontrollable laughing fits that bring tears to your eyes.

Even if the only thing that Jon Lovitz does is give a look at the SNL 40 celebration.

Yeah, that’s the ticket look!

P.S. Jon Lovitz is still alive.