Johnny English: Rowan Along for a Third Time

Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean, the magical comedian, the more you watch him, the more you…


Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson is, well, it’s rather difficult to pinpoint his American counterpart. Perhaps there isn’t any red, white & blue actor who fits the bill? Bill Murray? No. Bill Murray is in a comedic league all his own. I can’t believe I even wrote that. Although, it was a humorous segue.

Anyways, back to the point.

The 63-year-old British actor is an awesome character actor. He’s not mean or vulgar. Rowan Atkinson consistently delivers clean, clever fun for kids and adults of all ages. And if you haven’t seen Mr. Atkinson’s brilliant creation as the muted, accident-prone Mr. Bean, then an argument can be made that you haven’t fully experienced life on this planet. Well, good news because Jimmy’s Daily Planet (there I go again) will help alleviate this potential problem.

Let’s start with the brand new trailer that debuted today for the upcoming film Johnny English Strikes Again.

Is Johnny English Strikes Again–the third film in the series–the final cinematic chapter for this character?

The answer is know…I just don’t know.


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