Lara Croft’s New Craft

With movements nearly as precise as an intricately designed AI robot, Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander’s portrayal of video game favorite Lara Croft looks like quite a bit of adventurous summer fun will be coming soon to your local cinema (that will actually arrive this March). The film’s second trailer, released by Warner Bros. Pictures today, confirms that aforementioned fun.

Narratively, Tomb Raider seems comparable to Batman Begins; the first act in what will likely stretch out into a thrilling trilogy with a lead character who will add more grit and emotion to an already larger-than-life story. Similar to Christian Bale (also an Academy Award winner), Ms. Vikander should add more depth to Lara Croft’s motives and, consequently, her surroundings. By that, I mean the dangerous, life-threatening stakes in the film should be raised beyond a mere visual recreation or addition to the highly-acclaimed video game, which is saying something.

Tomb Raider just may succeed in rebranding a hero of sorts…who is kind of super in her ability to raid tombs, yet not a superhero by definition.

We’ll have to wait and see on March 16th if that analysis (along with the effects in the movie) were, in fact, a practical presumption.


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