This Iceberg Will Never Melt

This day offers an everlastingly chilly reminder to us all…

On April 14th, 1912, the RMS Titanic famously hit an iceberg in the frigid North Atlantic. The initial contact did not instantly doom the ship of all ships, but did introduce one of the most infamous slow-deaths in modern memory. Just as you are about to say the names, James Cameron, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (all Oscar winners), rightly and wrongly, are immediately associated with this historic journey and tragedy.

On the one hand, we should know the names of those who perished and those who survived before recalling any thematic treatment. The RMS Titanic was a real ship and it really hit an iceberg and this mightiest of vessels slowly disappeared beneath an icy surface.

On the other hand, one can wonder if we would remember this disaster if not for Mr. Cameron’s cinematic masterpiece that captured the essence of early 20th century adventurism, innovation, optimism for a supremely bright future and the full-weight of “class structure” and how it shaped society. Would you? In a way, Titanic serves as a, yes, vehicle (driven by a powerful love story) for honoring everything that fateful trip  represented as the epic ship battled waves and icy currents towards that magically opportunistic place called America.

Today, on April 14th, we should pay our respects and learn about at least one of the victims. What was their story? Why did they board the RMS Titanic bound for America? Was there a passenger who we, personally, can relate to?

This small tribute will ensure the hearts of all those brave men, women and children will go on for eternity.


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