RD’s BFG in HD

There are no aliens, dinosaurs, sharks, artificial intelligence or adventure-prone professors (along with his trademark father-son struggle/dynamic), yet there’s new evidence that begs the question:

Has Steven Spielberg done it again with a giant that is uniquely big and friendly?

The full trailer for The BFG was released today.

As is the case for any movie that combines CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) with real actors, the challenge is to seamlessly join the two forces within one environment without interruption. This cinematic synchronization is important because suspended belief needs to be constant for the audience to maintain its fluidity in storytelling, as well as enhance the believable factor. The absence of this relationship on-screen can generate (if even temporarily) imaginative detachments for the viewer.

A couple scenes from the trailer above reveal a slight disconnect where you can distinguish the real person and the imaginary backdrop. Is this simply an unavoidable consequence of filming in such high definition? Whatever the reason, the legendary director has earned the benefit of the doubt from his fans. Audiences should see this film in its entirety to fairly judge its comprehensive visual technique and merits.

Visually, this movie has a grand, glowing feel. The famed book of the same name certainly received the movie magic treatment.

Just as BFG author Roald Dahl did with his classic books, Steven Spielberg is taking a chance venturing off into a fantasy world and, ultimately, into our imaginations.

That’s something we can all connect with this summer.

Disney’s The BFG arrives in a theater near you July 1st.

P.S. Was it a good idea to reveal The BFG in his entirety in the trailer?


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