Time to Fold on TV

(LG Display)

“The company will also showcase futuristic concept displays that highlight the dynamic forms that OLED can achieve, including the world’s first 30R 18-inch rollable display that can be rolled-up like a newspaper…”
(LG Press Release)

The January 4, 2016 press release from technology giant LG (Life’s Good) disclosed many exciting products in-and-out of development for the annual forward-thinking Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Specifically, the OLED screen that bends with impressive flexibility and resolution presents a unique opportunity for a more convenient future.

As phones and tablets continue to increase in size and inflexibility (iPad Pro, damn), there is a natural instinct to ponder if a Zack Morris phone-wave is upon us?

Keep in mind that retro is always in style, especially the nineties.

Fortunately, LG may have just changed shrunk rolled the game back to size while peeking forward towards what may be commercially sold during the forthcoming third decade of the 21st century.

Envisioning LG’s flexible screen for televisions makes anyone impossibly curious about how TV-watching will change in the future. The question that comes to mind is if we (consumers) will actually have the option to roll up a high-definition TV like the Wall Street Journal and carry it to any flat surface in our home and simply stick it up like a magnet on a fridge?


The even crazier question: Who’s been bringing the Fruit Roll-Ups to LG’s innovation lab?


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