Making the Right Count

Perhaps, it was just happenstance that I changed the channel to the cinematic masterpiece Titanic tonight literally five seconds before the beginning of the film?

Or maybe randomness isn’t as random (or decipherable) as we’d like to think it is.

With most movies made back in 1997 and earlier, it’s common to change channels and tune in somewhere in the middle. We’ve become so familiar with interrupting a movie in the middle and at the endings when the play on television that we can forget the opening acts that initially engaged us during our premiere experience.

The poker game with Jack Dawson and friend Fabrizio is a classic scene. It illustrates luck, savvy game play and the American way of betting it all on a dream.

And for a particular writer looking for some game-changing chance luck of his own, the aforementioned risk reveals an appealing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of titanic proportions.

The tricky part is identifying that paramount poker game when it’s not a poker game.

And for me personally, I pray my moment isn’t a literal card game.


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