The Quintessential iMovie?

For better and for worse, rightly or wrongly, there is one name that rises above the rest in the public’s current vernacular who has defined and inspired entire generations with his technological vision:

Steve Jobs.

From a crowded garage to a revolutionary empire in the new center of the universe, Steve Jobs managed to get his voice heard with a reverberating force years after his death. According to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the movie Steve Jobs consists of three scenes/pivotal moments in his life and career. Three scenes doesn’t seem sufficient for such a cultural giant, but the verdict will remain undecided until it premieres. Strangely, Michael Fassbender (who plays Jobs) looks nothing like him. Not even close. For such a star-studded cast, writer, director and admired figure, that remains a very odd choice. His casting makes no sense considering Jobs was a real person with distinguishable attributes. At least Ashton Kutcher looked, walked and acted like him.

To think that Christian Bale was so close to accepting this role, but I/the world continues to digress with a collective sigh.

From this trailer, it appears the film will be accurate (based on his acclaimed biopic), intense and insightful for those interested in his excitingly playful presentation skills, combative nature and mysterious family conflicts behind-the-scenes. Will fans take a big, long line around the corner bite out of the latest Steve Jobs film? Only if this version reveals a major surprise at the end, like Jobs did so many times throughout his tumultuous life and career.

Steve Jobs should leave us hungry and dreaming of something creatively foolish.


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