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Next summer will see the opening of the most famous theme park. No, how about wildlife preserve. That doesn’t quite work either.

Come June 12, 2015, everyone is invited to experience the adventure of a lifetime! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Jurassic World poster:

("The Park is Open" on Slash Film Online)

(“The Park is Open” on Slash Film Online)

“The Park is Open”

Who opened it? Where is it located? Why was it built and created two decades later?

Enter chills and a countdown clock: Only 240 days away!

This entrancing movie poster made the rounds late last night. It’s clear that mysterious, yet recognizable danger lurks behind the “supposedly” electric fences of this prehistoric paradise/entertainment destination that will turn into an exhilarating and dangerous escape for survival from familiar (and likely a couple unfamiliar…) dinosaurs. The smoky feel projects that something truly epic and surprising awaits the entrants of this John Hammond-inspired place. Plus, the design and movie title demonstrates a serious, purposeful new story that returns us all to the greatest idea for a park that’s ever been genetically re-engineered. This is not Jurassic Park 4. This is Jurassic World. This film doesn’t appear to be linked to and/or compared to the second and third films in the franchise, but instead to the original 1993 masterpiece, more on its own.

Yes, it’s happening. Yes, the poster produces one hell of a seductive reverie on all Jurassic Park fans. And yes, director Colin Trevorrow has officially dared the world (and himself) to again dream of a surreal, modern world in which we co-exist with dinosaurs.

To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm, “this story, 22 years in the making, found a way…”

P.S. Notice anything familiar with the release date? Jurassic Park opened in theaters on June 11, 1993…This just keeps getting better and better!


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