The Necessary Patience For Any Good Story

What kind of introduction will get your attention? Isn’t that a good question…

The essences of storytelling are connectivity, curiosity and wondering how things will end for a certain character or collection of characters. What’s beautiful about this aspect in life is that it can encompass the real world, as well as a fantasy universe. And as books, movies, television shows and music continue to prove, there is always room for a slightly new interpretation. A creative vision, especially when it’s coupled with relevant current events or trends, can produce a powerful reaction and following. Whether in the business world or in our personal lives, we should all strive to create the best stories for ourselves. We walk passed and interact with countless individuals on a daily basis, but we tend to be drawn to those who have the most fascinating experiences. All of us live each coming moment without always knowing exactly what will happen next, which is part of what makes life so exciting (yet stressful).

Will the greatest instance of serendipity cross my path today?

One of my favorite parts of any story is the twist. We don’t see it coming, but it’s such a thrill to read, see and/or experience. There are some stories with an exciting opening or extensive back story (ie-part of a popular series) with a laundry list of familiar accolades. Then, there are stories that are a little more unknown that require a slightly longer introduction. The flash isn’t as apparent as the bestseller, but you find yourself more intrigued and invested in the latter. It keeps your attention and you cannot help but wonder how you had never heard of this story before today.

It seems to have everything you want in a story, but it’s just packaged a little differently. In so many cases, these are the stories we remember and return to in a time of need. Although, what’s often so tragic about these stories is that they are not always given the opportunity to shine for people. A little bit of patience is required for the story to fully develop into something amazing.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m going to a social networking event tonight for aspiring PR professionals. My background is not specifically in public relations (but it’s brother investor relations), but my work experience and skills translate over very well and my background is perfectly suited for a career in communications and business (ie- public relations).

Here’s to hoping I can get someone to read past chapter 1…

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