Midnight in France

When living and breathing in the midst of the impossible transcends into a reality of playful imagination and limitless possibilities, then there’s not only a story there, but a delightful tale exposing the ambiguity and magical nature of love and life.

Throw in France nearly a century ago (a “golden age” to some) and a short guy with thick, black glasses from the Bronx and we can all take pleasure in traveling back to a time and place that will reveal something profound about ourselves today. Woody Allen is an iconic writer and director, while simultaneously defined as a controversial figure. However, taking the latter aside for a moment, it should be noted how he expanded his audience with his inspired 2011 hit Midnight in Paris. It seems as though Mr. Allen discovered a way to feature his usual band of intellectually obnoxious characters, but this time with a sense of humor that is well contrasted with a “normal,” romantic protagonist.

Ironically, the protagonist in Midnight in Paris (played by the free spirit Owen Wilson) appeared to be a younger, wide-eyed version of Woody himself.

Nonetheless, that was then and this is now.

Magic in the Moonlight comes to theaters (wait, don’t tell me…) on July 25th.

From Owen Wilson to Colin Firth.

Wait, forget that. This movie stars the beautiful, wonderfully amusing Emma Stone.

Okay, no need to explain the title.


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